Monthly Reports

Historian Report for April 2023

-Currently digitizing a collection of 200+ newspaper clippings from 1954-1959 related to the development of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Collection donated by a community member. Titles include the Watertown Daily Times and articles by the Massena Observer's Washington, D.C. Bureau. Decision to digitize the collection owes to its thoroughness in the subject matter.

-Preparing for an event Wednesday, April 19 at 2 p.m., which will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Massena Hospital Auxiliary. Met with Auxiliary members and Bob Beckstead, who published an article announcing the event. The event will feature a photographic exhibit, and I will be delivering remarks on the history of the volunteer organization. This has been the major focus of research in the month of March.

-Refreshed the 'advertising' display case with new items, stored rotated items.

-Fundraising campaign continues, letters have been mailed and responses are trickling in. Total donations as of 4/3 are $2,675.00. The campaign will conclude 5/1.

-Alarm system for addition has been installed by NCC Systems, including an additional camera and motion sensor.

-In addition to hospital research I have fielded five general research requests, completed four to date.

Visitors: The improving weather has accompanied an uptick in museum attendance. Total 42.

Website Hits: 47, up from last month.

Respectfully Submitted, Josh Davis, Town Historian

ARCHIVIST - Linda McDonald

With the commencement of the Spring Fundraiser, Josh and I spent one-morning stuffing and stamping envelopes. We mailed 175 on the first day. I researched the remaining names from the combined lists and mailed 25 more. Of these, we had 7 returned, which I researched and resent 6. I worked on the new address file lists.

After President Macauley signed the gift agreement, I put all 122-bound Courier Observer Books into the Past-Perfect Program with accession numbers, dates, and other signed donations. All of these were put into the Inventory list for the end-of-year report for the Town Hall. 

I finished the "Early 1900s Massena and ALCOA" photo album.

MaryEllen brought in a group of 20 items from the Denson and Casselman Estates to research, attach accession numbers, and cover as needed.

I sat in and listened to the plans for the Hospital Auxiliary's Open House on April 19, 2023.