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  1. Notice of Public Hearing

    The Town of Massena will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at 4:30 PM in the Massena Town Hall Read on...
  2. Massena Town Board Announcement

    The Massena Town Board has rescheduled the start time to the July 21, August 18, and September 15, 2021 Regular Meetings to 4:30 PM. Read on...
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These are just some of the records the museum offers.  Please visit or contact the Museum to view these records.  We are in the process of digitizing some of the records on file.

Massena Informational Files

  • Massena Churches
  • Maps
  • Alcoa, GM, Reynolds
  • Massena Memorial Hospital
  • Hospital History (1941-1954)
  • Massena Schools
  • Sacred Heart Baptisms (1884-1909)
  • St. John's Weddings
  • Mortgages and Deeds
  • Massena Yearbooks 
  • Deeds and Wills
  • Poll tax and Ledger (1920-1922)
  • Sermons and Writings of Rev. Mr. Davis
  • 1944 Earthquake Damage Tours-Cornwall, ON, Massena

Family Files & Genealogies

  • Barrett family
  • Lebeau dit Beaufils
  • Schubal Dodge
  • Fraser, Stevens, Denison
  • Ancestors of Robert Allen Harvey
  • Hill Family Genealogy 1633-1993
  • Index of Ellen Lahey Coll Outterson family
  • History of Polley family
  • Genealogy of Polley family
  • Barnhart
  • Riley, Cuglar, Denison, Locke
  • Gary Danko
  • Charles Taylor

Census & Military Records

  • 1851 List made of men liable for military duty: Town of Louisville
  • 1854 Military Roll; List made of men liable for military duty: Town of Louisville
  • 1917 Massena Census
  • History of 60th Regiment of NYS Volunteers by Richard Eddy
  • St. Lawrence Co. War Records
  • Veterans Information (all wars)
  • Deceased Veteran Info.
  • Town of Massena War Records
  • List of soldiers in Massena cemeteries

Cemetery Records

  • Calvary Cemetery
  • Massena Center Cemetery
  • Beach St. Cemetery
  • Pine Grove Cemetery
  • W. Orvis Cemetery