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The Village of Massena was the recent recipient of a New York State Affordable Housing Corporation grant in the amount of $350,000 for the rehabilitation of approximately ten eligible owner-occupied homes in the Village. 

Press Release (2021-09-16)

AHC Application & Guidelines

Eligibility Requirements

For the NYS AHC grant assistance will be available for eligible single family owner-occupied homes.  Applications for assistance must be filed by the property owner and proof of ownership will be required in form of a deed. Applicants must secure adequate insurance for the property before any work is done under this program. In addition, all real estate taxes must be paid and charges for all other public services (water and sewer) must be current and all other properties owned by the applicant in the Village of Massena.

Priority For Assistance

Preference will be given to applicants with the greatest need based on the deficiencies found in their homes and their financial ability to deal with those problems, as outlined below:

First Priority: Those that are very low and low income households located within the target area and those that are already identified on the Village's waiting list that but for these funds would not be able to make improvements to their homes by ordinary, unaided operation of private enterprise.

Second Priority: Households that earn at 112% of the low income limit set by HUD for St. Lawrence County and have severe structural and mechanical problems or more immediate threats to their health and safety. These improvements will reduce blight and will improve the health and safety of occupants.