Teen Safe Initiative

As part of our commitment to keep your teenagers safe, the Massena Police Department will conduct drive-by home checks while parents are out of town. All you need to do is complete a Teen Safety Home Check form.  You can download the form online or the form is available at the police station.

Once a completed form is received, you will be provided with a flyer that you can post in your home letting your teenager known that the police will be checking the home.

The parents would leave a phone number they can be reached at.  The police would contact the parents if they drove by and noticed suspicious activity. The parents would then either decide to handle the situation when they got home or ask the officer to intervene.

For further information call 315-769-3577.

Note: Because it is always difficult to predict the amount of work this agency might experience at any given time, we can not guarantee this service.  We will do our very best to provide it based upon available manpower.