Fire Prevention & Awareness Education

The Massena Fire Department has developed a very aggressive Fire Prevention and Education Program. In the past fire prevention was stressed mainly during Fire Prevention Week in October each year. We now believe that fire prevention, awareness and education should be our main goal fifty-two weeks a year.

We have set up a “fire prevention” room in the fire station, open to the public, which contains information and literature on a myriad of fire prevention subjects and techniques. These include making your home “fire safe”, fire & emergency escape pre-plans, proper wood stove installation, vacation & camping safety, home decorating safety and a host of others. If we cannot answer your questions or do not have specific information in-house we have a number of additional resources available that we can access. If you have a question you can also contact us by dialing our business line at (315)769-2380.

We have also instituted school visits that are conducted throughout the year. We visit nursery, elementary and secondary schools, to reach children during their formative years to instill in them the importance of fire safety. We introduce them to rudimentary fire prevention concepts and allow them to see firemen as they would appear in a full scale emergency, in full turn out gear and air packs, so that they won't be frightened or intimidated should they encounter us during a hazardous situation.

Along with our fire prevention and awareness programs, Code Enforcement and Fire Inspection Programs are another key duty that we perform in order to prevent fires. Code Enforcement and the Fire Department go hand in hand when it comes to preventing fires in your home. Many of the New York State, Village, and Town Codes have a basis in prevention of fires and life safety. These minimum code standards are set in order to help protect our citizens and businesses.

We continually strive to improve our program. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and are given thoughtful consideration. Assisting with fire prevention is the duty and obligation of every member of the community.

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  1. Village of Massena Fire Department

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    Business Phone: (315)769-2380

    Emergency Phone: 911

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