Town Museum Board


Local history buffs will delight at the artifacts found in the Celine G. Philibert Memorial Cultural Centre & Museum at 79 Main Street. The facility is chock full of items that illustrate our community’s rich heritage.

The Town Museum Board meets the first Thursday of each month, January-June and August-November.  Meetings are held at the museum at 4:30 P. M. and are open to the public.  Board Members are appointed by the Massena Town Board for five year terms.

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Name Address Phone Term Expires
Ann Greene 38 Ransom Avenue 315-769-9774 12/31/22
Joe Macaulay 11 Talcott Street 315-769-2829 12/31/21
Steve Rombough 46 Marie Street 315-323-1015 12/31/21
VACANT     12/31/21
Bonnie Weitz 814 N. Raquette River Road 315-705-9301 12/31/22
Randy Peets 1970 St Regis Blvd 315-764-0569 12/31/23
David Frary 100 Panther Point 315-764-1429 12/31/24