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Link to 2023 Tentative Assessment Roll

 NOTICE: In-person Grievance Day will be held on May 23rd,2023 (4-8PM) on the second floor of the Town Hall 60 Main St., Massena, NY. 
 For property owners that wish to Zoom in to this public hearing please contact the Assessor prior to this date (5-19-23) and have a filled out RP-524 form along with supporting documentation for your claim. You may submit the form & documentation to  the Assessor via email/USPS, or drop box in front of Town Building. This way we can send you an invitation via email only.

Link to Grievance Form (RP-524)
 Assessor, Town of Massena
 Vern Brand



(Pursuant to Section 501 of the Real Property Tax Law) 


Notice is hereby given that the assessment and valuation data for the Town of  
Massena is available for review at the Massena Town Hall, Room 3, 60 Main  
Street, Massena, New York 13662. 

Note: please check the website for updates regularly for an  
uptick in Covid-19 Variants/and/or a State of Emergency is declared by  
St Lawrence County, executive order ,changes to meeting laws. 

An appointment may be made to review this information virtually by phone 
 during the following hours and days: 

  • Thursday, May 11, 2023  Hours: 12PM to 4 PM by appt. 

  • Saturday,   May 13, 2023  Hours: 9AM to 1 PM by appt. 

  • Wednesday, May17, 2023 Hours: 4PM to 8 PM by appt. 

  • Friday,      May 19, 2023 Hours: 8AM to 12PM by appt. 

Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Assessor beforehand 

 by phone at 315.769.6924 or by email: to schedule 

 the appointment to review the assessment information. 

 Assessors are local government officials who estimate the value of real property within a county, city, town, or village's boundaries.

It is the responsibility of the assessor to provide property owners with fair and accurate assessments. To estimate the market value of property, the assessor must be familiar with the local real estate market.
Reassessments of all property in the community are the best way for the assessor to ensure you are assessed fairly. During a reassessment, assessors may physically re-inspect and reappraise properties.

The assessor records your property value on the assessment roll. You should check the assessment roll annually to ensure you are assessed fairly and that you are receiving the exemptions for which you are eligible for.

In addition to valuing property, assessors have the following responsibilities:

  • Inspect new construction and major improvements to existing structures to ensure accurate property descriptions and valuations
  • Approve Enhanced STAR applications & Input data into the State's automated IVP (Income Verification Program) system for those property owners currently receiving Basic STAR Exemption.
  • Administer exemption including: Senior Citizen, Disability & Veterans-applications & renewals must be in the Assessors' Office no later than Mar 1st in any given year!
  • Use software to administer their various responsibilities
  • Attend all public grievance hearings of the Board of Assessment Review and present evidence in support of the municipality's assessments
  • Prepare evidence for Small Claims Assessment Review hearings
  • Review real estate sale data for accuracy
  • Assessors keep current with Assessment Procedures/Administration by taking required 12-18 credits of continuing education yearly with the DTF Dept. of Tax & Finance. 
BAR can meet remotely still 2022

Contact Us

  1. Vernon Brand

    Sole Assessor, Massena

    Town Hall

    60 Main Street, Room 8

    Massena, New York 13662

    Phone: 315-769-6924

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