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Assessors are local government officials who estimate the value of real property within a county, city, town, or village's boundaries.

It is the responsibility of the assessor to provide property owners with fair and accurate assessments. To estimate the market value of property, the assessor must be familiar with the local real estate market.

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Reassessments of all property in the community are the best way for the assessor to ensure you are assessed fairly. During a reassessment, assessors may physically re-inspect and reappraise properties.

The assessor records the assessments on the assessment roll. You should check the assessment roll annually to ensure you are assessed fairly and that you are receiving the exemptions for which you. Click on the link at left "Assessment Rolls" to access the current and prior years' Assessment Rolls for Massena.

The local assessing profession is continually evolving as technology advances and the state offers programs to encourage more professional and equitable assessing. As a result, half of the municipalities in the state share an assessor.

By combining the Town and Village assessment function in Massena, property owners now receive only one assessment for the same property. As a result, property owners disagreeing with their assessments no longer have to pursue separate assessment grievances.

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In addition to valuing property, assessors have the following responsibilities:

  • Inspect new construction and major improvements to existing structures to ensure accurate property descriptions and valuations
  • Approve and track property tax exemptions, including the School Tax Relief (STAR) exemptions
  • Use software to administer their various responsibilities
  • Attend all public grievance hearings of the Board of Assessment Review and present evidence in support of the municipality's assessments
  • Prepare evidence for Small Claims Assessment Review hearings
  • Review real estate sale data for accuracy

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