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  1. Quarterly Update From Town Supervisor Susan Bellor - April 2023

    After a truly old-fashioned winter, weather-wise, welcome back to view my second year of quarterly updates for our Town of Massena’s Website! Read on...
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Some of the very best ideas for improving services and saving money have come from the people who use them -- our residents. If you have an idea on ways Massena can better collaborate in order to be more efficient, please use our Community Voice service to share your thoughts; or, contact the Town Supervisor or Village Mayor:

Supervisor's Office: 769-3588; Email
Mayor's Office: 769-8625 Ext. 246; Email

According to the New York State Comptroller, New York has 3,175 local governments, including counties, cities, towns and villages, school districts and fire districts. Shared services present an opportunity to reduce or slow growth in spending without necessarily impacting service quality. 

Among the areas of opportunity that can be considered:

Administrative Functions
Research, studies
General Operations
Accounting Functions
Training, education*
Equipment sharing
Parks - facilities*
Administrative services
Utility services, billing, collections*
Facilities maintenance, buildings, grounds*
Physical plant sharing (e.g. municipal building)*
Investment Human Capital Management
Fuel facilities, cooperative fuel agreements*
Utility infrastructure*
Procurement – function, commodities
Health insurance cooperative
Motor pool – maintenance, equipment, operation
Public Safety Services
Real property tax collection*
Human resources/personnel
Parks - maintenance
Fire services*
Records management
Professional Services*
IT Functions
Jail facilities*
Programs for seniors* Real Property Assessment* Airports Economic Development*
Youth programs*
Public facilities*  Planning and/or zoning, activity,

*Denotes a service area that Massena has collaborated to provide more efficiently to its residents.