Town Supervisor's Welcome

Welcome to Massena!

As the Massena Town Supervisor, I am pleased to be able to offer you a glimpse of our community.

We are blessed with the natural beauty of three rivers. We have a rich history dating back to our first settlers in the late 18th Century. Our culture was deepened and enriched over the first part of the 20th Century as many European immigrants arrived in Massena to take jobs in local industry.

Today, we benefit from a geographic location along the U.S.-Canada international border. We enjoy small town atmosphere while living just a few hours drive away from some of the greatest metropolitan areas of the world, like New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

Our residents and businesses enjoy low-cost municipal electricity which is generated by the powerful currents of the mighty St. Lawrence River.  We have a wonderful school and recreational facilities. Our workforce is an outstanding mix of men and women who stand ready to perform a hard day's work  in exchange for a fair day's pay.

But I am most proud of our citizens. They are smart, warm, friendly and quick to lend a helping hand whether it be in the case of an emergency or simply putting together a community festival to celebrate a bountiful harvest.
I am also proud of Massena's official community website. Our intent is to bring easy access to our governmental resources and links to some of the other great features of our community. The Town of Massena has joined with the Village of Massena to give residents and visitors the important information they need, all in one convenient, easy to use site.

Special features of the site include links (shown at left) to Report a Concern, an easy link to Agendas & Minutes, Calendars and a Notify Me service that allows you to specify alerts that you would like to receive. It is of utmost importance to us that this website create a two-way channel of communication -- we want a community that is engaged with everything we are doing to make Massena a better place. If you have any thoughts to share on how we can further improve this website, our services or your community, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit.

Joseph D. Gray, Supervisor
Town of Massena 

Phone: 769-3588
Massena Town Hall